Adobe AIR native extension

Display adverts in your AIR application

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.Adverts


2019.03.12 [v5.5.177]
Embedded iOS bitcode
2019.02.26 [v5.5.176]
Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0
2018.12.12 [v5.4.175]
Android: Updated Google Play Services Ads to 17.1.2 (#112)
2018.11.27 [v5.4.173]
Updated to Google Play Services v16.0.5 (#105, #104, #72, #57)
Removed application keys 
2018.11.01 [v5.3.171]
Added tagForUnderAgeOfConsent to AdRequest (resolves #90)
iOS: Resolved landscape smart banner full width issue (resolves #74) 
2018.09.05 [v5.3.161]
Documentation update + small Android update
2018.08.08 [v5.3.159]
Added Animate example (#78)
2018.07.31 [v5.3.158]
Android: Added handling of crashes in some edge load cases (#76)
2018.07.14 [v5.3.157]
Updated loading calls to remedy ANRs (#72)
2018.07.06 [v5.3.147]
Removed available flags from Google iOS Consent SDK for windows packaging (resolves #71)
2018.06.25 [v5.3.131]
Added the Consent SDK (resolves #63)
2018.06.20 [v5.2.112]
Updated asdocs
2018.06.01 [v5.2.111]
Android: Updated to Google Play Services v15+
2018.05.18 [v5.2.109]
Updated documentation
2018.05.18 [v5.2.108]
iOS: Updated SDK to v7.31.0 (#57)
Added targeting options (resolves #61)
  - child treatment (COPPA)
  - non-personalised ads (GDPR)
  - ad content 
  - keywords
2018.04.23 [v5.1.102]
Added Rewarded Video Ads (resolves #42)
2018.04.20 [v5.0.085]
Updated build and corrected isSupported check (resolves #58, #60)
2018.03.10 [v5.0.083]
Major update including complete refactor for future development
Android: Updated SDK to v11.8.0
iOS: Updated SDK to v7.28.0
  - Added ability to get advert size (resolves #46)
  - New method to retrieve advertising id
  - Added advertising id tracking flag info (resolves #41)
  - Added gender and birthday to requests (resolves #6)
  - Better advert positioning (resolves #1) 
  - Resolved crash (resolves #44)
2017.10.26 [v4.0.019]
Corrected setTestDetails function definition (#50)
2017.07.10 [v4.0.011]
Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)
2017.03.15 [v4.0.010]
Removed iOS Simulator version to reduce file size
Android: Updated SDK to v10.2.0
iOS: Updated SDK to v3.14.0
2017.03.15 [v4.0.010]
Removed iOS Simulator version to reduce file size
Android: Updated SDK to v10.2.0
iOS: Updated SDK to v3.14.0
2017.01.06 [v4.0.003]
iAd Shutdown, updated SDKs, new documentation
Android: Minor view parameter changes (#35)
iOS: Resolved missing framework references (resolves #33, #25)
Updated SDK versions (#25)
Android: Fix to prevent unusual crashes (resolves #21)
Android: Resolved issue with AdMob test details (resolves #19)
Android: Fixed banner positioning issue (resolves #15)
Android: Fixed crash when initialising doubleClick (resolves #10)
Added Interstitial Advert support for AdMob and iAd 
Fixed Flash Builder 4.6 missing class issue
iOS: Updated Google Mobile Ads library to version 7.0.0
iOS: Fix for smart banner rendering in landscape mode when flat
iOS: Fix for iOS 8 dimension changes for position banner adverts
iOS: Fixed issue with arm64 compilation error undefined symbols (resolves #5) (notify #12)
Android: Separated Google Play Libraries into separate ANE
iOS: Removed reference to the IDFA returned as the advertising identifier in the iAdOnly version to avoid review rejection (resolves #3)
Added check for .debug suffix in application id
iOS: Included arm64 support (resolves #2) 
Android: Corrected application id check when doesn't contain air prefix 
Corrected missing EventDispatcher functions from base class
iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all c function calls
New application based key check, removing server checks
iOS Update for iOS 8
- iOS: Split into two versions to satisfy Apple review for iAd (resolves #218)