Adobe AIR native extension

Access to application options and device information

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.Application


Device Information

Device functionality allows you to retrieve information about the device.

There are many pieces of information available through the Device interface that allow you to determine what device you are currently running on, including things like the operating system version and the device model.

trace( "DEVICE INFO ============================" );
trace( " name:         " + );
trace( " brand:        " + Application.service.device.brand );
trace( " manufacturer: " + Application.service.device.manufacturer );
trace( " device:       " + Application.service.device.device );
trace( " model:        " + Application.service.device.model );
trace( " yearClass:    " + Application.service.device.yearClass );
trace( " product:      " + Application.service.device.product );


The device locale settings can be retrieved through the locale accessor:

var locale:Locale = Application.service.device.locale

This object contains information about the device locale:


The functionality also includes some access to some system dependant paths, such as the getFilesDir on Android.

trace( "PATHS ==================================" );
trace( "files dir:     " + Application.service.device.getFilesDir() );

Time Zone

You can access information about the current system time zone on the device using the localTimeZone accessor:

var timezone:TimeZone = Application.service.device.localTimeZone;

The TimeZone class represents a time zone offset indicating the standard time policies for a geopolitical region.

Time zones have identifiers like "America/Los_Angeles" which can be accessed through the id property:

var timezoneId:String =;

You can also access the offset from UTC using the utcOffset property. This gives you the amount of time in milliseconds to add to UTC to get standard time in this time zone.

var utcOffset:Number = Application.service.device.localTimeZone.utcOffset;

Year Class

![](Year Class u.Device Information - Year Class)

Phone Number

![](Phone Number u.Device Information - Phone Number)

Operating system

![](Operating System u.Device Information - Operating System)

Device State

![](Device State u.Device Information - Device State)

Display Metrics

![](Display Metrics u.Device Information - Display Metrics)

Device Orientation

![](Device Orientation u.Device Information - Orientation Events)