Adobe AIR native extension

Access to application options and device information

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.Application



The keychain functionality is similar to the defaults however this data is stored in the users keychain encrypted storage.

Data stored here will generally survive an application reinstallation so is useful for storing critical pieces of user information.

Data is stored as strings in key/value pairs.


To check if the keychain functionality is available on the current device you can use the isSupported flag:

if (Application.service.keychain.isSupported)
    // Keychain functionality is supported 

Set a value

To set a value call set with the key you wish to set and the value to associate:

Application.service.keychain.set( "key",  value );

Get a value

To retrieve a value, call get with the key of interest:

var value:String = Application.service.keychain.get(key);

Remove a value

If you wish to completely remove or delete a key/value pair, call remove with the key of interest: