Adobe AIR native extension

Access to application options and device information

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.Application


Status Bar

The status bar is the small area at the top of a device that contains information such as the battery level, network connectivity and notification icons.


You can control the style of the status bar by using the Display.setStatusBarStyle() function. This allows you to set whether the content (icons, time etc) is light or dark, allowing you to better fit the status bar content with your application.

This function takes a StatusBarStyle constant as the parameter:

Application.service.display.setStatusBarStyle( StatusBarStyle.LIGHT );

Please note the older styles defined in IOSStatusBarStyles have been deprecated in favour of the StatusBarStyle constants however the deprecated values will still work when passed into this function.


On iOS, you can hide the status bar by using the Display.setStatusBarHidden() function:

Application.service.display.setStatusBarHidden( false );

and display it again using:

Application.service.display.setStatusBarHidden( true );


On Android version 21 (Lollipop) and newer you can set the background colour of the status bar using the Display.setStatusBarColour() function.

The following example shows setting the colour to Red.

Application.service.display.setStatusBarColour( 0xFF0000 );

You can also control the transparency with the second parameter being the alpha value between 0 and 1.

Application.service.display.setStatusBarColour( 0xFF0000, 0.4 );


If you need to know the height of the status bar in pixels you can use the getStatusBarHeight() function:

var statusBarHeight:int = Application.service.display.getStatusBarHeight();
Note: you may also need to consider the ![](display cutout u.Display - Cutouts) on modern devices.

Android contains a navigation bar towards the bottom of the screen, containing the back and menu buttons but varying depending on the version and manufacturer.

You can set the colour and style of using setNavigationBarColour() and setNavigationBarStyle() respectively.

To set the colour:

Application.service.display.setNavigationBarColour( 0xFF0000 );

To set the style, you must use one of the constants defined in NavigationBarStyle:

Application.service.display.setNavigationBarStyle( NavigationBarStyle.LIGHT );