Adobe AIR native extension

Facebook Adobe AIR Native Extension

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.FacebookAPI


2018.04.28 [v5.5.122]

Added ability to add int/Number typed parameters to a GraphAPIRequest (resolves #193)

2018.03.30 [v5.5.120]

Corrected graph requests on iOS made with a different access token

2018.03.26 [v5.5.118]

Updated docs

2018.03.26 [v5.5.118]

Account Kit dependencies correction (#188)

2018.03.13 [v5.5.088]

Updated SDK

2017.09.08 [v5.4.015]

Updated to the latest SDK (v4.26.0 - August 24, 2017) Corrected missing classes from default lib (resolves #172)

2017.07.12 [v5.3.005]

Updated to the latest SDK (v4.24.0 - June 26, 2017)

2017.07.10 [v5.2.006]

Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)

2017.05.31 [v5.2.002]

Updated to the latest SDK (v4.23.0 - May 25, 2017) (#155,#156,#160) Fixes issue with unsupported language in App Store Review process (resolves #157)

2017.04.28 [v5.1.114]

Added user properties for AppEvents / Analytics

2017.04.02 [v5.0.112]

Release v5.0 (resolves #149) Account Kit Implementation (resolves #129) Added System Account Login Behaviour (resolves #108) Android: Resolved NPE (resolves #144) Added missing functions for platforms (resolves #127) Deferred deep linking (resolves #48) Game request filters (resolves #74) Graph API implementation (resolves #136) New login process (resolves #144, resolves #138, resolves #133, resolves #125, resolves #116, resolves #144, resolves #113, resolves #111, resolves #109, resolves #108, resolves #75) New share dialogs (resolves #145, resolves #146, resolves #134, resolves #132, resolves #130, resolves #122, resolves #120, resolves #117, resolves #112, resolves #74, resolves #32) App Links (resolves #128, resolves #48)

2017.01.16 [v4.1.011]

Updated Android Facebook SDK, new documentation

2017.01.05 [v4.1.001]

Update to fix some errors with share dialogs

2016.09.07 [v4.0.001]

Updated documentation

2016.09.07 [v4.0.001]

Updated documentation

2016.08.18 [v4.0.001]

Update to latest version, resolving issues with login behaviours and restoring sessions etc


iOS: Made some changes to help automatically restore a session. After calling ‘initialiseApp’, you should receive a SESSION_INFO event if a previous session was found (resolves #28)

Fixed an issue to correctly return the postId of a share post (resolves #57)

Fixed a bug which would not always populate the ‘data’ parameter of a Game Request object (resolves #65)

Android: Fixed a bug which could cause a crash depending on the result of a graph request call (resolves #89)

Fixed a bug where the recipientIds for a game request were not always correctly returned (resolves #93)

Fixed a bug where the properties for a share dialog would not be passed through successfully in some cases depending on the preferred dialog type (resolves #95)


Added missing call to initialiseApp() in example code


Updated to FacebookSDK v4.7.0 for iOS to support iOS9 changes; Added a new basic example application and descriptor; Added initial implementation of deferred app-link handling for testing


Corrected a bug on Android which could prevent graph requests which contained field parameters from working correctly


Updated FacebookSDK to latest version, 5.4.1


Made changelog publicly available


Made changelog publicly available


Updated to support latest version of Facebook’s SDK (4.2+)


Updated iOS Facebook SDK version and added capability to issue app install events without a session being required


Fixed system account login bug for iOS native login


iOS: Included arm64 support


Re-added support for missing methods - logEvent, logPurchase etc


Updated with new base key check etc


New application based key check, removing server checks iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all C function calls Both platforms now support the V2 SDK Message dialog (basic share)


First version of FacebookAPI V2 added to new repo