Adobe AIR native extension

Location Native Extension accesses location functionality of a device, including region monitoring functionality

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.Location


2019.02.13 [v2.2.045]
Added geocoding docs
2019.02.11 [v2.2.044]
Geocoder implementation
Embedded bitcode
2018.11.27 [v2.1.018]
Updated to Google Play Services v16.0.5
Removed application keys
2018.09.10 [v2.0.016]
Android: Added persistInBackground to run background updates in a foreground service (resolves #48)
Android: Resolved issue with updates on Android 8+ (resolves #51)
2018.06.29 [v1.6.093]
iOS: Removed preferences references due to Apple review policy change (#50)
2018.06.25 [v1.6.090]
iOS: Removed preferences references due to Apple review policy change (#50)
2018.03.16 [v1.6.089]
Documentation update
2018.03.16 [v1.6.089]
Android: Added checkLocationSettings to turn on settings from app (resolves #47) 
2018.01.29 [v1.6.070]
Updated documentation for iOS 11 (#45)
2017.12.15 [v1.6.070]
iOS: Corrected heading issue (resolves #44)
2017.09.04 [v1.6.067]
iOS: Fixed duplicate region entry events (resolves #39)
2017.09.01 [v1.6.063]
Added ability to set priority on iOS (#38)
2017.08.24 [v1.6.059]
Android: Added ability to start app on geofence entry
Android: Added restoring geofences on boot (resolves #31)
iOS: Corrected display settings on iOS 10+ (#33)
Android: Corrected null api issues (resolves #30)
Android: Corrected starting multiple geofences (resolves #27)
Added distance calculations between positions
2017.08.14 [v1.5.027]
Documentation update + minor fix for Android
2017.08.10 [v1.5.026]
Removed references to old docs (resolves #29)
2017.07.10 [v1.5.022]
Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)
2017.06.21 [v1.5.021]
Added minimum interval for update calls (#26)
2017.06.21 [v1.4.017]
Added documentation on update Url (#26)
2017.05.06 [v1.4.017]
Updated documentation (resolves #23)
2017.04.28 [v1.4.017]
Android: Fixed issue with flight mode incorrectly reporting not available (resolves #18)
2017.04.28 [v1.3.015]
Added handling of outdated Google Play Services (resolves #21)
2017.01.31 [v1.2.011]
Updated documentation + update to Google Play Services v10.0.1
2017.01.18 [v1.2.009]
iOS: Added some checks for corrupted regions (#13)
2017.01.16 [v1.2.008]
Updated documentation, minor log output changes
2016.12.29 [v1.2.002]
Latest SDKs + Updated documentation
2016.11.14 [v1.2.002]
Added ability to display the location settings
2016.10.30 [v1.1.003]
Corrected IN_USE definition (resolves #4)
iOS: Corrected operation with removal of UIBackgroundModes (resolves #5)
2016.09.09 [v1.1.001]
Corrected Android runtime permissions (resolves #1)
2016.09.08 [v1.0.002]
Android: Corrected authorisation status (resolves #1)
2016.08.24 [v1.0.001]
Updated documentation
2016.08.24 [v1.0.001]
Release v1.0
Removed debug code from AS lib
iOS: Updated to latest common lib
Android: Windows: Fix for bug in AIR packager resulting in missing resources
Android: x86 Support