Adobe AIR native extension

Native Media Player AIR Native Extension

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.MediaPlayer


Controlling playback

To start playback of a player call the play() function:;

To pause playback call the pause() function:


To stop playback and reset the player position to the beginning call stop():


To move the current playback position use the seek() function and pass required new playback position : time );

where time is the new playback position in seconds. The time must be less than the total duration of the media, otherwise nothing is done.


You can change the player view to display as a fullscreen view by calling the setFullscreen() function.

player.setFullscreen( true );

Similarly you can minimise the fullscreen view using the same process:

player.setFullscreen( false );

You can also listen for the fullscreen events, to determine when the view enters and exits fullscreen. These will be dispatched if the user caused the fullscreen change or if it occurred through the programatic method above.

player.addEventListener( MediaPlayerEvent.FULLSCREEN_ENTER, fullscreenEnterHandler );
player.addEventListener( MediaPlayerEvent.FULLSCREEN_EXIT, fullscreenExitHandler );
function fullscreenEnterHandler( event:MediaPlayerEvent ):void
    trace( "fullscreen enter" );

function fullscreenExitHandler( event:MediaPlayerEvent ):void
    trace( "fullscreen exit" );