Adobe AIR native extension

Native Media Player AIR Native Extension

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.MediaPlayer


There are 3 main types of events associated with the media player: status, progress and errors.

Status Events

Status events are dispatched using the MediaPlayerEvent class. These events include playback status, (playing, paused, stopped etc), player ready event, completion event, and fullscreen events.

You add a listener to your MediaPlayerView instance to receive these events, for example to register for the READY events:

var player:MediaPlayerView = ...;

player.addEventListener( MediaPlayerEvent.READY, readyHandler );

function readyHandler( event:MediaPlayerEvent ):void 
    trace( "ready" );

Progress Events

Progress events are dispatched using the MediaProgressEvent class. This class includes the current playback position and the total time of the media.

It’s dispatched approximately 5 times a second.

player.addEventListener( MediaProgressEvent.PROGRESS, progressHandler );

function progressHandler( event:MediaProgressEvent ):void
    trace( "progress: " + event.current + " / " );

Error Events

Error events are dispatched using the MediaErrorEvent class.

This event will contain more information on the error, but generally it’s either due to incorrect file path or a network problem (for network streamed media).

player.addEventListener( MediaErrorEvent.ERROR, errorHandler );

function errorHandler( event:MediaErrorEvent ):void
    trace( "error: "+ event.code + "::"+event.description );