Adobe AIR native extension

Native iOS and Google Maps Adobe AIR Native Extension

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.NativeMaps


2018.11.27 [v3.4.208]
Updated documentation
2018.11.27 [v3.4.207]
Updated to Google Play Services v16.0.5 
Removed application keys 
2018.11.14 [v3.3.202]
Android: Added additional checks on map ready handler (#198)
2018.06.01 [v3.3.201]
Android: Updated to Google Play Services v15+
2018.03.02 [v3.3.199]
iOS: Changed z-index implementation on iOS 11 + to fix crashes (resolves #188)
2018.02.27 [v3.3.166]
iOS: Fixed crash with destroy map containing markers (resolves #188)
2018.01.09 [v3.3.156]
iOS: Resolved visibility issue (resolves #185)
iOS: Resolved iOS 11 z-index issues (resolves #179)
Android: Improved performance of Polyline additions (resolves #126)
Android: Improved performance of Polygon additions (resolves #178)
Added PolyUtils
2017.10.13 [v3.2.098]
Updated documentation (resolves #170)
2017.09.02 [v3.2.096]
Fixed issue with updating first added marker (resolves #163)
2017.09.01 [v3.2.092]
Android: Fixed issue with resetting anchor point for default icons (resolves #164)
2017.08.31 [v3.2.090]
Added Marker z index (resolves #121) 
Added Custom Marker Icon offsets (resolves #54)
iOS: Migrated to camera calls for all view actions (resolves #156, resolves #157 resolves #158)
iOS: Corrected setCentre zoom issue (resolves #155)
iOS: Added traffic for MapKit on iOS > 9
2017.07.10 [v3.1.050]
Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)
2017.03.13 [v3.1.049]
Android: Corrected authorisation status response (resolves #134)
Android: Fix for prepareViewOrder hiding Stage elements (resolves #43)
Projection implementation for screen / location conversions (resolves #115)
Added some createMap viewport checks (resolves #97)
2016.12.30 [v3.1.040]
Updated documentation
2016.12.02 [v3.1.040]
iOS: Corrected setBearing and setAltitude animation flags (resolves #111)
2016.11.28 [v3.1.039]
Updated example
2016.11.28 [v3.1.039]
Android: Corrected showMap and hideMap functionality (resolves #85)
Android: Added clear map styles by passing null (resolves #107)
Android: Added check for bounds
Removed limitation on setTilt method (resolves #109)
2016.11.24 [v3.1.033]
Android: Added setMapStyle for styling support (resolves #102)
Added mapToolbarEnabled to options to disable directions and open in google maps options on a marker (resolves #101) 
Android: Fixed crash when dispose map while moving (#99)
iOS: Added showScale to show the scale (resolves #86)
2016.11.15 [v3.1.028]
Updated example to new API
2016.11.13 [v3.1.028]
Changed createMap function to accept an initial position and zoom (resolves #95)
Android: Corrected update marker function (resolves #93)
2016.11.13 [v3.1.028]
Changed  function to accept an initial position and zoom (resolves #95)
Android: Corrected update marker function (resolves #93)
2016.11.01 [v3.1.016]
iOS: Corrected custom marker image scaling (resolves #92)
2016.11.01 [v3.1.014]
Removed debug trace statements (#91)
2016.11.01 [v3.1.013]
Corrected issue with marker events (resolves #91)
2016.10.31 [v3.1.004]
Added new drag touch events (resolves #89)
2016.10.18 [v3.0.019]
Android: Fixed zoom changing during call to setCentre (resolves #81)
2016.10.07 [v3.0.018]
Major update to latest APIs and many bug fixes (resolves #72, resolves #77, resolves #76, resolves #70, resolves #69, resolves #60, resolves #44, resolves #38)
Android: Corrected view order (resolves #52)
Android: Dangerous permissions for v23+ (resolves #51)
Android: Fixed keyboard event issues (resolves #37)
Update ANE file
Added key press handlers and redirection from the map view to correctly pass key events to the AIR application
Correctly added the new version of the ANE
Updated to use our shared GooglePlayServices library, added a fix for z-ordering issued on Android
Added 64bit support, added support for new iOS8 location permissions to allow geolocation services
Updated example changing references to 'developer key'
New application based key check, removing server checks
iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all C function calls