Adobe AIR native extension

Local Notifications AIR Native Extension

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.Notifications


2019.03.12 [v4.8.125]
Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0
Embedded iOS bitcode
2018.10.29 [v4.7.122]
Android: Created specific file provider to avoid conflicts
Android: Added missing Channel sound property for latest Android OS
2018.10.19 [v4.7.120]
iOS: Added limited ability to specify the time for repeat intervals  
Android: Corrected action cancel not closing notification panel

2018.08.02 [v4.7.114]
Android: Corrected setBadgeNumber for Android 8 (resolves #162)
2018.07.26 [v4.7.111]
Corrected clearing of badge with notifications without count (resolves #160)
2018.07.04 [v4.7.108]
Updated Android min sdk documentation (resolves #159)
2018.02.14 [v4.7.106]
Android 8.0 support - Added channels
2017.12.18 [v4.6.099]
Added additional checks to notification builders
Updated notification icon documentation
Updated badge number documentation 
2017.11.27 [v4.5.092]
Better Emoji integration (#148)
Additional context checks (resolves #152)
Removed legacy alert/title requirement (resolves #153)
2017.09.29 [v4.4.054]
Removed Android 8 support while Adobe fix AIR SDK issue
2017.09.19 [v4.4.052]
Android 8.0: Notification Channels + Badges (resolves #145)
Android: Added background image
2017.07.10 [v4.3.028]
Updated Android file paths
2017.07.10 [v4.3.026]
Updated Android file paths
2017.07.10 [v4.3.025]
Android: Added setBadgeNumber for supported Android devices (resolves #110)
iOS 10: Centralisation of new notifications delegate (#132)
2017.07.05 [v4.2.019]
Android: Corrected immediate event with delayed notification (resolves #138)
2017.07.05 [v4.2.017]
iOS: Corrected authorisation status on iOS 10 (resolves #136)
2017.04.13 [v4.2.011]
Fixed Android conflict with Push Notifications service definitions
2017.04.06 [v4.2.007]
Android: Corrected sound access permissions (resolves #128)
2017.03.26 [v4.2.004]
Android: Added setShouldCancelOnAction to make actions close a notification (resolves #112)
Android: Added enableNotificationsWhenActive false (resolves #123)
Added timestamp to notification events (resolves #118)
2016.12.30 [v4.1.004]
Updated documentation
2016.12.30 [v4.1.004]
New documentation
2016.12.21 [v4.1.004]
Updated image
2016.12.21 [v4.1.004]
Changed usage of alert/title/body to be more consistent across platforms and versions
Android: Corrected action dismissing notification (resolves #109)
2016.12.20 [v4.0.031]
Fix for crash on iOS 7
2016.11.28 [v4.0.030]
Added fallback if no body is supplied (resolves #107)
2016.11.23 [v4.0.029]
Updated docs
2016.11.23 [v4.0.029]
iOS 10 updates including: (resolves #97)
 - expanded image style
 - cancel a single notification from displayed and scheduled (resolves #98)
 - display notifications when app is in foreground
Android: Corrected cancel single notification from a group (resolves #103)
Android: Heads-up notifications (resolves #104)
Added openDeviceSettings
2016.11.15 [v3.7.010]
Updated examples
2016.11.15 [v3.7.010]
Updated group example
2016.11.15 [v3.7.010]
Added group summary to collapsed notification state (#100)
2016.09.18 [v3.7.006]
Updated simple example to new API (#89)
2016.09.07 [v3.7.006]
iOS: Added some checks for notifications with unexpected values (resolves #85, #74)
2016.09.05 [v3.7.004]
Updated documentation and version numbering
2016.08.12 [v3.7.003]
Android: Corrected usage of http large icons (resolves #136)
Android: Corrected double notification issue on startup when register before activation (resolves #58, #71)
Android: Added 'willLaunchApplication' option to actions to allow app to start (resolves #63)
Android: Increased speed of notify function with large number of delayed notifications (#69)
Added REPEAT_WEEK and REPEAT_FORTNIGHT intervals (resolves #64)
Android: Corrected operation of on-going notifications (resolves #62)
Android: Implemented OnGoing Notifications (resolves #60)
Android: Set delayed notifications to use exact timings on v19+ where possible (resolves #59)
Removed debug code from example app
Android: Removed debug code which was slowing down custom sounds (#50)
iOS: Corrected authorisation status value (resolves #49)
iOS: Corrected setAlertTitle crash on iOS < 8.2 (resolves #48)
Corrected references to PushNotifications (#47)
Updated documentation
Version 3.0 Release
Notification Actions
Builders for all notification types
Android: Group / Stacking notifications
Android: Expanded view notifications (resolves #45)
Android: Custom icons (resolves #35)
Android: Correctly restore notifications on restart (resolves #44)
Android: Repeat interval implementation (resolves #41)
Android: Fixed issue with notification being dispatched twice (resolves #17)
Removed debug code from AS lib
iOS: Updated to latest common lib
Android: Windows: Fix for bug in AIR packager resulting in missing resources
Android: x86 Support
Repackaged to test distriqt/ANE-Calendar#10
Separated common app delegates into Core ANE to resolve conflicting ANEs issues
iOS: Added some additional checks to input variables to isolate crash (#5)
Added check for .debug suffix in application id
iOS: Included arm64 support (resolves #1) 
Android: Corrected application id check when doesn't contain air prefix
Corrected missing EventDispatcher functions from base class
iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all C function calls
New application based key check, removing server checks
iOS Update for iOS 8
- iOS: Fixed iOS 8 registering for notification permission (resolves #219)
- iOS: Added function to check if user has allowed notifications
- iOS: Fixed vibrate on notification selection (resolves #209, closes #177)
- Android: cancelAll was previously implemented (closes #71)