Adobe AIR native extension

Push Notifications Adobe AIR Native Extension

The extension is available here: com.distriqt.PushNotifications


2019.12.11 [v8.2.023]
Firebase Cloud Messaging:
  - iOS SDK update v6.2.0
2019.11.02 [v8.1.020]
 - Android SDK update  v3.12.2 (resolves #401)
 - iOS SDK update v2.11.2
2019.08.12 [v8.0.011]
Android 64bit support (resolves #389)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0
 - Android SDK update  v3.11.2
 - iOS SDK update v2.10.1
Updated OneSignal Android Icon documentation (resolves #393)
FCM: Respected default colour manifest setting for foreground notifications (resolves #374)
OneSignal: corrected iOS init order fixing missing auth events (resolves #397)
2019.04.16 [v7.9.301]
  - Android SDK update v3.10.7 (#375)
  - iOS SDK update v2.9.5
2019.02.27 [v7.8.295]
Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0 
Embedded iOS bitcode
2019.02.19 [v7.7.295]
iOS: Corrected categories incorrectly being added (resolves #360)
2019.02.01 [v7.7.286]
OneSignal SDK Update: Android v3.10.6 iOS v2.9.5 (resolves #352)
2018.11.27 [v7.7.284]
Firebase Cloud Messaging:
  - Android SDK update v17.3.4
  - iOS SDK update v5.13.0

Updated to Google Play Services v16.0.5 
Removed application keys 
2018.10.29 [v7.6.275]
Android: Created specific file provider to avoid conflicts
Removed application key requirement
2018.10.19 [v7.6.272]
Android: Corrected action cancel not closing notification panel (resolves #335)
2018.09.14 [v7.6.270]
OneSignal: Android: Added ability to use a packaged asset for sounds
2018.09.06 [v7.6.263]
Updated iOS FCM SDK to v5.6.0 (resolves #321)
2018.08.11 [v7.6.262]
  - Android SDK update v3.10.1 (#317)
  - iOS SDK update v2.8.6
2018.08.02 [v7.5.254]
Android: Corrected setBadgeNumber for Android 8
2018.07.04 [v7.5.253]
OneSignal: Added setLocationShared to service for additional privacy controls (resolves #305) 
OneSignal: iOS: Corrected enableNotificationsWhenActive (resolves #306) 
2018.06.10 [v7.5.248]
Docs: Corrected FCM manifest additions (#151)
Docs: Added information about colour in FCM payload (#300)
Android: Added ability to set sound on a channel (resolves #298)
2018.06.01 [v7.5.245]
  - Android: Implemented checks for enabled notifications and ability to open device settings (resolves #288)
  - One Signal User consent (resolves #294)

Firebase Cloud Messaging:
  - Android SDK update v17.0.0
  - iOS SDK update v5.1.0

  - User consent
  - Android SDK update v3.9.1
  - iOS SDK update v2.8.5
  - [migration guide](https://github.com/distriqt/ANE-PushNotifications/wiki/s.OneSignal---Migrating-to-v7.5)
2018.04.17 [v7.4.227]
Corrected manifest addition documentation for OneSignal (#284)
2018.04.07 [v7.4.227]
Implemented cancelAll for iOS (resolves #281)
Added Tags for OneSignal (resolves #256)
2018.03.15 [v7.4.219]
Latest SDK updates and fixes:
  - Removed debug trace (resolves #270)

Firebase Cloud Messaging:
  - Android SDK update v11.8.0
  - iOS SDK update v4.10.1 (#198)

  - Android SDK update v3.7.1
  - iOS SDK update v2.7.2 
  - iOS removed dynamic framework requirement, now statically linked (#273)
2018.02.14 [v7.3.193]
Android 8.0 support - Added channels
2017.12.18 [v7.2.187]
Updated notification icon documentation
Updated badge number documentation (resolves #249)
Android: Added better handling of FCM display messages (resolves #257)
2017.11.27 [v7.1.178]
Better Emoji integration
Additional context checks
2017.10.31 [v7.0.176]
Updated documentation
2017.10.31 [v7.0.176]
OneSignal Integration (resolves #159)
2017.10.03 [v6.8.091]
Corrected background image implementation for GCM (#239)
2017.09.29 [v6.8.090]
Removed Android 8 support while Adobe fix AIR SDK issue
2017.09.19 [v6.8.083]
Updated documentation for background image
2017.09.19 [v6.8.082]
Android 8.0: Notification Channels + Badges 
Android: Added background image (resolves #239)
2017.09.01 [v6.7.074]
Updated documentation
2017.09.01 [v6.7.074]
Microsoft Azure Notification Hub implementation (resolves #227)
Separated variants into directories
Android: Implemented badge count from notification data (resolves #221)
2017.08.04 [v6.6.031]
Updated FCM SDK (Android v11.0.4, iOS v4.0.4)
2017.07.10 [v6.5.028]
Updated Android file paths
2017.07.10 [v6.5.027]
Updated FCM SDK (Android v11.0.2, iOS v4.0.3)
FCM ability to subscribe to a topic (resolves #111)
Android: Added setBadgeNumber for supported Android devices (resolves #141)
iOS: Better handling of registration events (#213, #188)

iOS 10: Centralisation of new notifications delegate (resolves #177, resolves #201, resolves #219)
2017.06.16 [v6.4.006]
Updated FCM iOS v4.0.2
2017.06.10 [v6.4.005]
Updated FCM to Android v11.0.0, iOS v4.0.1
2017.06.10 [v6.4.005]
Updated FCM to Android v11.0.0, iOS v4.0.1
2017.05.31 [v6.3.047]
Update to Firebase (FCM) SDK (Android v10.2.6, iOS v4.0.0)
2017.05.02 [v6.2.044]
Corrected accidental inclusion of debug config files (#208)
2017.04.13 [v6.2.043]
Correction for should cancel on action (resolves #203)
2017.04.12 [v6.2.038]
Android: Small fix for startup notifications
2017.04.11 [v6.2.036]
Corrected priority with GCM (#196)
2017.04.06 [v6.2.033]
Updated documentation
2017.04.06 [v6.2.033]
Android: Added ability to set the number of notifications in groupSummary (resolves #197)
Android: Added ability to set priority for headsup notifications (resolves #196) 
Android: Corrected sound access permissions
2017.03.23 [v6.2.028]
iOS: Corrected inclusion of frameworks that would break app store submission
2017.03.15 [v6.1.024]
Android: Corrected FCM registration process (resolves #184)
iOS: Added additional checks on authorisation status (resolves #185)
2017.03.01 [v6.1.019]
Android Update for Google Play Services v10.2.0
2017.02.23 [v6.1.018]
Updated Firebase iOS SDK to v3.13 (resolves #180)
2017.02.08 [v6.1.014]
Corrected issue displaying notifications from particular data (resolves #176)
Android: Update to Google Play Services v10.0.1
2017.01.30 [v6.1.012]
Updated to Google Play Services v10.0.1
2017.01.18 [v6.1.004]
Updated documentation
2017.01.18 [v6.1.004]
Updated documentation
2017.01.12 [v6.1.004]
Updated documentation image links
2017.01.12 [v6.1.004]
Updated documentation to include service setup tutorials
2016.12.30 [v6.1.004]
New documentation
2016.11.25 [v6.1.004]
Added topic subscriptions
Android: Updated to Play Services v9.8.0
2016.11.23 [v6.0.034]
iOS: Fixed issue with startup auth status being denied on iOS 10
2016.10.28 [v6.0.031]
iOS 10 update (resolves #145, resolves #142)
Firebase Cloud Messaging (#130, resolves #70)
2016.09.01 [v5.3.005]
Added ability to open the application device settings (resolves #138)
Updated far latest Google Play Services libraries
iOS: Fixed issue with hideAneLibSymbols (resolves #133)
Updated to be compatible with latest support ANEs (#123)
Android: Corrected double notification issue on startup when register before activation
Android: Added 'willLaunchApplication' option to actions to allow app to start
iOS: Resolved conflicts with GameServices (resolves #104)
iOS: Corrected authorisation status value
iOS: Corrected authorisation status value
Updated readme
Complete refactor of the API to allow for future development
Update registration method (resolves #69)
Implemented Actions
Implemented Expanded notifications
Implemented Group notifications
Custom icons (resolves #10, resolves #88)
Background/silent notifications (resolves #76)
Fix for error when no notification specified and application not running (resolves #67)
iOS 9 updates (#57)
Android: Added custom large notification icons (resolves #5)
Android: Added custom notification sound (#5)
Android: Added lights setting
Android: Added a cancelAll function to remove notifications (resolves #40)
Android: Added customisation of variable names to help integration with other platforms (eg OneSignal)
Android: Windows: Fix for bug in AIR packager resulting in missing resources
Removed debug code from AS lib
iOS: Updated to latest common lib
Android: Windows: Fix for bug in AIR packager resulting in missing resources
Android: x86 Support
Android: Fix for incorrectly detecting manifest reciever (#28)
Android: Corrected issue when no id supplied in payload
Updated documentation
Android: Corrected issue with wrong notification data being passed when multiple notifications have been displayed (resolves #24)
Separated common app delegates into Core ANE to resolve conflicting ANEs issues
Images for second tutorial
Images for first tutorial
Fixed issue with classes not importing correctly in FlashBuilder 4.6 (resolves #16)
iOS: Permissions implementation to allow developer to display permission dialog at appropriate time (resolves #12)
Added check for .debug suffix in application id
iOS: Included arm64 support (resolves #3) 
Android: Corrected application id check when doesn't contain air prefix
Added SELECTED notification event dispatched when the user selects a notification
Android: Corrected application id check when doesn't contain air prefix
Corrected missing EventDispatcher functions from base class
iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all C function calls
New application based key check, removing server checks
Added header image
Android: Addition to correctly handle an invalid id value